About me

Hi, I’m Ilona! And I can’t wait to help you become a skilled photographer in the shortest amount of time!

Texas Mom Photographer sets out to equip new photographers in a one stop full online Photography Course

This year WRECKED me in the best way. As a photographer my calling to capture raw, authentic, and joyful portraits was brought to life in a new passion; educating mothers on how to take emotive portraits. During the full lockdowns, I not legally allowed to do photoshoots, I waited it out months before I could take clients again. I saw mamas posting how upsetting it was to have their photoshoots being canceled.

I felt their pain as I had my own newborn and imagined how sad it would be if I didn’t know how to take beautiful photos of his precious wrinkly face. Looking back, I see the printed photos I took of my two-year-old daughter peering through the crib spaces in awe of her little brother. Or the photo of my boy sneeze coughing milk straight into my camera as I took the shot. That still makes me giggle as I pass by it! I felt a pain for the mamas that could snap some iPhone shots but longed to have an artist’s skill in taking portraits that would take their breath away years down the road.

Being a photographer for ten years, I’ve had the joy in capturing over 200 families. Hearing the parent’s reactions to receiving the gallery still wrecks me every time. Parents tearfully write me their praise for capturing them so “authentically, just how we are but in such a beautiful way”. That never gets old, I still show my husband each message I get. 

When mamas scroll through my feed, I often get messages asking how I took a certain shot, what camera/lens I used, or how I edit. I write back, but I know that one or two messages will not be enough to teach them photography. I craved to sit down with each mom and explain everything they need to know to start.

Imagine if you had a camera on hand that you knew how to use to capture your babies in stunning frames?! That’s what I’m here to offer the world. Memories are so important and emotive imagery should be available to everyone.

I am so thrilled to offer my course and hold hands with mamas as they learn photography in SIMPLE lessons.