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Aspiring photographer trying to master your skills

Capturing Pro worthy pictures doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive! 

Shake the thought that quality pictures require a fancy camera with every bell and whistle. Focus on the fundamentals that create "AW-Mazing" moments, by developing the non-negotiable skills that go beyond the lens.  

I'll be candid. . . it's not the camera, it's the creative

You want to take photos that express your style, story and are scroll stopping on social media. 

Settings on a camera, and knowing how or when to use manual mode has you resorting to online searches that confuse things even more.  

and while finding the perfect lighting isn't too crystal clear either. . . 

Nope, I'm not a mind reader, I've just been there!

After 10+ years as a professional photographer, 

I had to learn many of my talents and skills the old fashion way. . . trial and error.

Luckily all of the that "trial and error" has paid off.  It's allowed me to have a successful business, while being a mama, and enjoying my family.  I get to use my creativity to capture memories that become priceless treasures. 

Being a photographer, whether at a pro level or just for your personal knowledge gives you the opportunity to create works of art in a style that suits the exact mood and vision you had in mind.  

This brings me to a question

Would you rather...

spend the next 10+ years dabbling in photography, getting frustrated about camera settings, and feeling overwhelmed with the editing?


Or, would you rather...

master the top insider secrets that will have you creating pro-level photography worthy images in just a few weeks (or even a weekend)?


Hmmm....10 years is 3,650 days! 

Meet your teacher

I'm Ilona Jade

When I was starting out, I had to dig through loads of information to learn something I could use to get the photos I wanted. Overwhelm and frustration was mounting as I would try and try to get the images to come out the way I was envisioning them. 

Sometimes they were blurry, and other times they looked okay.

There were times my photos would be way too bright or way too dark and I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

I would ask myself, "why is this so dang hard!?" Clearly I underestimated the skills and talent that the photographers I looked up to had, because my images wouldn't come close.  

After countless amounts of trial and error, figuring out each problem as it came up and perfecting the consistency of my photography style, I finally made it!

Looking back, It's humbling and a little shocking that I was able to get clients without being able to guarantee the amazing photos right off the bat.  I owe those clients my greatest appreciation for letting me practice and perfect my skills, while capturing their most precious milestones.

Ilona Jade

I have learned a LOT over a 10 year span, but the most important thing was 100% this: 

1. The type of camera you use is irrelevant, especially when learning the fundamental skills for pro-level photos (even if it's your phone camera you start out with).

2. There are things that are non-negotiable to master, and there are things that are "nice to know," but don't matter as much.  

3. I didn't have the luxury of having someone minimize the fluff of what I needed to actually learn, but the amount of time and frustration it would have saved me sounds like a dream! 

4. Creating Candid with a Camera Crash Course Pro™ has allowed me to support the next wave of photographers that want to eliminate the guesswork around camera settings, lighting and editing. 

In as little as a weekend (not 10 years), students inside this course will master the essentials that will be their solid foundation to what allows them to create the images they have circling around in their creative minds. 

Online course for photographer
Introducing the

 Candid with a Camera Crash Course - Pro

8 Insider Lessons for behind the lens tutorials, tips and techniques to jumpstart the essential skills that any photographer (or mom), needs to create pro-level- story capturing- and stylish images.

proven techniques

You'll learn how to take photos that make your clients, friends, and family smile for years to come.

designed for beginners

Learn the exact things that would have helped me navigate to where I am today, much quicker!

lifetime access

These lessons in CCCP are concise and can be taken at your own pace! Download the PDFs to have lifetime access! 

Learn at Your Own Pace

Whether you want to use the app while on-the-go or prefer learning from your computer, it's all available 24/7!

All 8 Lessons inside Candid with a Camera Crash Course- Pro  are waiting for you!

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Inside!

Get to know the camera, without wondering if you're doing it right!


  • Confidently know how to pick the best camera and lenses that suit your needs, as well as other supplies that might help jump start your journey. 
  • Choose any camera you already have, and start using like a pro!
  • Finally learn how to use the manual shooting setting to get the most beautiful and exact image you had in your mind.

Find the Best Lighting, indoors and out!


  • Know how to find the best lighting indoors that suit your style. 
  • Master an eye for outdoor lighting without the glares or shadows cramping your shot. 
  • Experience different types of light as you discover a style that feels like "you."

Edit like a Pro with Lightroom, and my workflow!

  • Learn the essentials of Lightroom, so that you can edit any image from your phone, tablet or desktop! 
  • Access my personal workflow and learn how to create your own presets - It's basically your "signature style." 
  • Get my editing workflow so that you don't have to start one from scratch.  

Fast track your Photography Business

  • Get my little black book of the most valuable business tips that allow you to go full on Pro-Photographer
  • Unlock an action plan to take on photography clients, and key things to know about the industry, especially as you get started with your business.


I'll be your personal mentor inside live group coaching sessions to help you apply everything you learn, so that you don't have to worry about getting stuck!  
Ready to create pro level images? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • 8 Lessons to master the essentials of pro photography
  • Insider access to tips, techniques and tools 
  • How to make Lightroom presets and tutorials on how to edit like a pro! 
  • Access to live coaching calls for pro level mentorship from me. 
  • The ultimate musts for starting a photography business.

2 payments of


  • 8 Lessons to master the essentials of pro photography
  • Insider access to tips, techniques and tools 
  • How to make Lightroom presets and tutorials on how to edit like a pro! 
  • Access to live coaching calls for pro level mentorship from me. 
  • The ultimate musts for starting a photography business.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to capturing amazing photos!

1. Join CCCP

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.

2. Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to the course.

3. Reach your goal

Finally have confidence & know how to capture wow-worthy, story capturing- and stylish images.


This is for you if:

  • You want the exact steps and essentials to take amazing images with any camera. 
  • Are new to photography and don't want to take years trying to figure things out. 
  • Have a camera you can use to practice your new skills. 

This is not for you if:

  • You are already a pro that is a master at taking photos, have a growing business and have skills that go beyond the foundational level.  
  • You don't want to take pictures, and aren't sure how you ended up here
  • You don't see the value in mastering the key essentials, or having the skills to create a photography style unique to you.

Olga from NY got right to work:

"I was so impressed with the easy to digest powerpoint's and talks in this course, then I quickly realized there was so much more to the course! I was blown away at the hard work put into this course to make it so easy for us to learn. The PDFs are a game changer!"

Melissa of Seattle, WA had this to say:

"I picked up photography after I had my daughter and wanted to take gorgeous photos of her. I was doing my best but really needed a one stop course to help me understand everything from manual shooting and the best settings, to how to edit photos in lightroom to get the look I wanted. This helped tremendously with that!


Are you ready to make photography your profession?

Candid with a Camera Crash Course Pro is the essential breakthrough for new and aspiring photographers. Access lessons to master non-negotiable skills that allow you to take pro level images, and fine tune your images with guided workflows. This course has everything you need for a fully focused jump start!  


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