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The Signature Photography Course

Simplifying the learning process for you, intentionally focusing on the must knows of photography, like how to shoot in manual mode to get creative control over your photos, to learning how to enhance those photos with professional editing, all whilst infusing the secrets and tips I have learned over 10+ years of being a photographer! It doesn't stop there, I am including 8 live group coaching sessions to go with each lesson to help you apply what you are learning! 

8 lessons over 8 weeks to get you from taking "blah" photos to knowing exactly what to do to get the photos you are envisioning, like a PRO! 

I will guide you in simple lessons from shooting in manual, to enhancing your images with edits. I will teach you how to use all the fundamentals you have learned to start taking photos like a PRO wether you are a stay at home mom or looking to start a Photography Business now! 

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Is this you?

Do you love taking photos on your iPhone but want to go more professional?

Are you a mom that desires to take memorable heirloom photos of your kids?

Do you look for ways to improve photos you see and wish you were a photographer?

Are you a new photographer that feels like you are missing something when it comes to taking and editing amazing photos?

Are you intimidated with learning professional photography and feel overwhelmed with where to start?

Do you wish there was a resource that would simplify the learning process for someone wanting to get into photography?

Thats me!

Join my course!

In 8 intentionally created lessons, I will walk you through what you have to know to start your photography journey off on a pro level.

In 8 weeks you will go from struggling to get the photos you want to being able to execute your vision and create photos that once only lived in your imagination. You don't have to be a photographer or know all the tech stuff to take this course, I will simplify it for you in lessons that you can easily understand and grasp! All that with a community of other supportive photographers learning alongside you and an instructor that cares about your success.


Skip years ahead in your knowledge of photography with this Signature Photography Course that will zoom you ahead to start taking and editing amazing photos at a Pro level!

This course is for you EVEN IF:

  • You are a beginner or someone whose only been taking photos on their iPhone
  • You are short on time and don't want to meddle through a bunch of important information before you learn something useful
  • You don't have the budget to invest in pro level photography cameras and gear
  • You're nervous about learning photography on your own

This course was made with beginners in mind. These lessons are concise and can be taken at your own pace over 8 weeks or longer. These skills will help you master whatever camera you already have and teach you what you need to know when you are ready to upgrade. My Signature Photography Course has a built in community with an instructor, ME!, that cares about your growth. Each module has a comment section where students can ask questions. ALL with the ease of learning on your desktop or an APP that this course comes with, so you can learn on the go!


Well hey, I'm Ilona Jade!


When I was starting out, I had to dig through loads of information to learn something applicable I could use to get the photos I wanted. It was so overwhelming, to try to figure out why I wasn't getting the images I was envisioning, and why sometimes they were blurry, and other times they looked okay. There were times my photos would be way too bright or way too dark and I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Many times my photos did not look as dreamy as the photographers I was looking up to. I craved to take the beautiful images I was envisioning, but I couldn't easily find answers to how to do that.

I had to figure out each problem as it came up. Years later I am shocked how I was able to get clients without being able to guarantee the amazing photos. I have learned SO much over the last 10+ years, like what were the essentials to getting amazing photos and what was just noise that didn't matter as much. I honestly wish I had a resource like this when I was starting out to save me years of painful learning experiences and the frustration of trying to figure out what I needed to learn. I am so excited to walk with the next wave of photographers as they learn the essentials of photography!

Full Course

$597 (Spring Early Bird Pricing)

$1997 value of educational content and group coaching!

8 comprehensive lessons and one final group coaching session to take you from beginner to Pro:

  • How to pick the best camera and lenses for your needs, as well as other supplies you need to start your journey
  • Taking the camera you have and learning manual shooting to get the most beautiful and exact image result you want in camera. I will share how I manipulate the settings to get the gorgeous images people love.
  • How to take well lit and stunning images indoors
  • How to work with natural light outdoors and best times for shooting.
  • Breaking down Lightroom into what each function does for your images
  • My personal lightroom and editing workflow. Putting it all together to be successful at taking and editing images
  • Ready to go pro? Here are the basic business tips you need to know
  • Ready to take on clients? Here is what you have to know
  • Instructor a group live coaching session to help you apply this information and start taking the most amazing photos!
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